'Little Wise is destined for big things. Sophie Klein sings with the wisdom of an old soul' 
- Nkechi Anele, Triple J Roots N All

'The delicate harmonies of Little Wise’s latest single ‘Under Water’ tell a lovely melancholy tale on their own, one that’s only enhanced by a beautiful film clip.'

- Tone Deaf


‘A stunning, raw take on rootsy folk and alternative country. The evocative songbird is on the rise.’

- Happy


'Absolutely beautiful!'

 – Matt Layton, Spirit 1026 Hedland Radio

' If you’re a little wise yourself, you’ll catch them'

 – Rip It Up Magazine

' Little Wise’s latest EP, Sweet Rain Falling, is not only hauntingly beautiful with outstandingly honest lyrics but is also a dammed good listen. Falling into the neo-folk genre, if it has to be categorised, Little Wise apply the elements of traditional folk to a more modern sound; sometimes this can fail drastically, but Megan and Sophie have turned this to their advantage. ‘Light, It Shines’ is a good example of lyrics which work on many levels; whether one is male or female, the prosaic musings of this duo can rip the strongest of us apart.
Emotionally taut, well written, played and sung, this track can be re-interpreted by anyone to a personal situation that one might have encountered.At first this track appears somewhat simplistic, but wait….it draws one in and simplicity is thrown to the wind. It is such a strong track that I feel even conservative followers of either Buffy St Marie or Janis Ian could imagine their icon writing and singing this.There’s more….but that is for you to find out.' 

- Tony Bates, 3MDR 97.1 FM

'[Sweet Rain Falling] has a subtle sound with beautiful harmonies and delicate feel . It’s full of colour with a softness and calm which is simply wonderful . It’s a real privilege to offer airtime to this music. The whole sound conjures up images of sunlight glistening on water as it runs over pebbles in the bottom of a stream, it really is such a springtime sound.'

- Dave Anger, 100.3FM 2MCR

'Klein takes a gypsy-like approach to making music, straying beyond the boundaries of folk and roots to incorporate elements of blues, soul and country'

- The Mercury, TAS

'Sophie’s songs are deeply personal, rooted firmly in her life experiences, good and not so good. Her voice is entirely suited to these songs, with layers of wistfulness, melancholy and beauty, and she sings with a joy that is totally apparent from her expression, from the lighting up of her eyes to the smile spreading across her face.

Megan, on guitar, does more than accompany. It seems more like she is adorning and illuminating the songs. In addition she uses her vocal talents to produce spot-on harmonies with Sophie. A great performance, and I look forward to their return.'

- Gary Brown, Out and About in Adelaide


'The songstress may be small in stature but has big stories to tell and much musical wisdom to impart'

– The Ballarat Courier

'This is one of the sweetest EPs to be released this year'

– Buzz Media


'Little Wise delivers a rare brand of indie folk music, a kind so beautiful that you want to keep listening to over and over, and it never becomes repetitive. You instantly fall in love with Sophie Klein’s voice.'

– Buzz Media


'Stories, family, friends and experience are the center of attention in Klein’s lyrics. Her vocal quality is perfectly matched to deliver their melodic tales, such as ‘Red Guitar’ and ‘Home.’ '

– The LP Review


'Sophie has a warm and captivating voice, with just a touch of wistfulness that suits her songs so well.  She plays a pretty mean guitar as well, and although mostly strumming rhythm, at times she really cut loose with some great picking that left us in no doubt as to her talent.  And speaking of playing a mean guitar, Megan handled her Fender Stratocaster like a pro, weaving wonderful licks into Sophie’s songs, as well as providing spot-on vocal harmonies.'

– Gary Brown, Out and About in Adelaide